Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

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Gift Wrap 

Beautiful handmade gift wrap on premium 140 GSM paper with you personalised pet illustration  


Dimensions* 420 x 594 mm

Single sheets will be delivered folded. 10 sheets + will be delivered rolled. 



Choose from Teddy Original - Head, Teddy Original - Paw, Teddy Brighton Head, Teddy Brighton Pawtrait, Teddy Brighton Christmas, Teddy Brighton Love, Teddy Brighton Birthday, Bones or customised with your chosen Teddy's friend or customise to you own pet using an existing or new pet pawtrait illustration. 


Lead times: 

All Teddy Brighton customised goods are designed and made-to-order. 

Click here for lead-times for customised homewares and to see the the manufacturing process from the submission of your photograph to delivery of your bespoke goods.

Your pet photograph does not need to be professionally taken. You just need a camera or smart phone that has at least 10 megapixels.

Hold you camera or smart phone portrait. Take a photo of your pet sitting and facing towards you. Make sure that your pet takes up 70% of the viewfinder without cropping parts of your pet.


Take your photo at the same eyesight level as you pet. Don’t take your photo looking up, or down on your pet as this will create a distorted illustration of your pet.


Make sure you pet is evenly lit. If lighting is only one side of your pet and half your pet is hidden behind a dark shadow your illustration will reflect this.


Ensure that all of your pet is in view and not hiding behind anything. We only illustrate your pet so if there’s something hiding part of your pet in your photograph, this part of your pet will be missing in your illustration.

Upload your photo to whilst adding your Pet Pawtrait to your shopping cart. Our website will notify you if there’s any problems with the size and quality of your image. Please make sure that you are happy with the photograph that you’d chosen to upload as your photo can not be changed once we start work on your commission. In the event that you’ve uploaded a photo that we can’t use your Teddy Brighton designer will get in touch to let you know and assist you in selecting a different photograph.


Examples of Pet Pawtrait photographs 

How we create your personalised homewares from a single Pet Pawtrait Illustration 

We will send you your digital files as a complete illustration of the photograph sent.

When customised homewares are ordered we’ll crop your pet pawtrait to the individual requirements of that order.